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We've created this easy to understand video of how Mobile Apps are developed and managed through a simple to use Dashboard.

Once you get an understanding of what a Mobile App can do for you and how easy it is to manage it, you will start to see that having this service for your business is a no brainer. Remember you can always contact us for any questions you may have and we will walk you through the whole process.

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For our Pay As You Go Mobile App service its as easy as 1, 2, 3... There is a monthly charge of $1 USD just to keep track of your account in our system and thats it, all other payments are automatic commissions made per successful transaction through the Mobile App, which is 12% + .30 Cents + TAX. Currently we only have product pick up, delivery and e-commerce apps with this system.


There are 3 main costs involved for any Mobile App Template. This is so you have a general idea of what you are investing in before you make any purchase, if you have any questions feel free to contact us at anytime.

Want to Become a Reseller?

We offer a Mobile App Template reseller package for just $2,499 a month where you will get access to our entire catalog with no restrictions plus our own personal developers to help you install, manage and update your very own mobile apps. What about server cost? It's included as well, we would work with you to redirect your domain to our servers this way you would have your very own login page so that all your customers have access to their own app dashboard using your domain. Databases are included as well, Mobile Apps that use Firebase will include the starter pack (Free plan). VPS Server includes: 4 CPU Cores, 6GB RAM, 120GB SSD RAID 10, 3TB Bandwidth, Unlimited MySQL DB, 5 cPanel Accounts, Unlimited PUSH notifications and Unlimited product upload and usage for any of your mobile apps (120GB total space).


Our pricing is focused on small businesses but can also be scaled up and used for larger companies without any drop in quality. If you require a specific set of needs please contact a sales representative here before making any purchases, this way we can give you a quote suited to your business requirements.

If your'e interested in our Website Management Plan you can view more information on our checkout page or talk to a representative for more details. For our Mobile App Template Management Plan please contact our representative directly.

For Only


Pay As You Go Apps
  • Pay 12% + .30 + TAX
  • Developer Accounts Not Included
  • Domain & VPS Server (20GB)
  • Template Based Design
  • Android, iOS & Dashboard
  • MySQL Database
  • 1 App Per Platform
  • Customer Support

Starting From


Mobile App Template
  • Management Plan Available
  • Developer Accounts Not Included
  • Domain & VPS Server (20GB)
  • Template Based Design
  • Android, iOS & Dashboard
  • MySQL Database
  • 1 App Per Platform
  • Customer Support

Starting From


White Label Apps
  • Initial Development Fee Required
  • White Label - Fitted To Your Needs
  • Management & Updates Included
  • Android, iOS & Dashboard
  • Domain & VPS Server (20GB)
  • MySQL Database / Firebase
  • 1 App Per Platform
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Want to Cancel?

If you already have a subscription service with us and are looking to cancel please contact us with your name, email and service plan so we will cancel your service with in 24 to 48 hrs. For websites and white label mobile apps you will keep the source code if paid in full, for website management plan and mobile app templates you will lose any service provided once cancelled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't know what to purchase or how to proceed? Don't worry you can contact our representatives and we will walk you through the process, rest asure that if there is a step you don't know how to do we will be more than happy to help, go ahead and check out our FAQ so you know a little bit more on how our service works.

We offer 3 main services: Pay As You Go Mobile Apps, Mobile App Templates and White Label Mobile Apps, and it really depends on the budget you have to invest as all 3 services offer a complete mobile app platform but limited to each service, for example: Pay As You Go Apps are the cheapest option as you only pay if the app generates you any income while our white label mobile app is designed to pull out all the stops and create something specific to your needs.

Pay As You Go Apps. With this service you would get a pre designed Mobile App and only pay a commission of 12% + .30 Cents + TAX per successful transaction, our Mobile Apps that fall under this plan are limited to pick up, home delivery and e-commerce apps, but will be adding more in the future.

Mobile App Templates. Choose from a list of predesigned Mobile Apps where for a monthly fee you only provide us with your Google and Apple developer accounts (Separate Fee), logo and some basic information. We also offer a Management Plan if you need someone to manage your mobile app dashboard for only $99 USD a month.

White Label Mobile Apps. Need something more specific to your needs? We got you covered, just contact us and we will be more than happy to send you a detailed quote of what we can do and how we can manage it for you.

I have no idea how to create a development account with Google or Apple. Can you help?
Yes of course! Our representatives and even our tech support is 100% committed to your success, this means we will help you every step of the way.
If I have a "Pay As You Go" service and want to change to another service will I lose any customers that previously installed my mobile app?
Nope, you won't. You would just be charged the difference in your plan but we would keep your current mobile app online so any previous customers won't even know the difference.
Do you offer any Management Plans?
Unfortunately no. All our mobile apps include a dashboard that allows you to manage your own information, in other words we take care of the backend and you take care of the frontend.
Do you offer website services?
Yes we do... Just keep scrolling you're almost there.


And we also offer websites, take a look at our catalogue and choose the best one that fits your business. You have the option to only purchase the source code or also add a management plan that includes 20GB Server, 1TB Bandwidth, Unlimited emails, SSL certificate, Domain ($15 USD value) and tech support. Want to know more? Visit our website portfolio or contact us directly.