Let's talk about

WiFi Marketing

And how it can help you reach the next level with your business.

So now that you know the basics, you might be asking yourself, who can benefit from using wifi marketing? Well to be honest... Anyone. It's true because the system we offer lets you grow through product promotion, social media marketing, quality control and the good old fashioned mass email marketing, really anyone who can benefit from any of these will be able to grow there business with our automated marketing tools.

The Recap

If you've already decided that WiFi Marketing is the service for you, here is a little refresher of what you would get and what you can do with our software.
Order Now

Once payment is made, either through our online system, on the phone or directly with one of our reps, we would start by activating your account and sending you our router via snail mail.
Once we create your account we will send you an email with your log in credentials, then you can go ahead and connect your router to an electrical outlet and your current internet modem using the provided ethernet cable. Finally use any wifi enabled device (Computer, Tablet or Smartphone) go to "settings" then "wifi connection" and select the "GAP" connection and follow the on screen instructions.
Now that your wifi marketing router is installed you can start by setting up your web panel to take advantage of all the features available to you, remember you can always check our "What You Need To Know" PDF located on this web page but if you need a humans help don't hesitate to send us an email so we can walk you through the process.
Once set up now you can just sit back and reap the benefits of our automated marketing system, all you need to worry about now is what are you going to do with all the extra business your'e gonna be getting.